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  • Prediction for MBA Admissions: 2014 Will Be More Competitive

    I seem to have mislaid my crystal ball. I don’t really need one, though, to foresee that 2014 is shaping up to be a competitive year for applicants to full-time MBA programs. I can read the signs.

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  • Business Schools Aiming for More Veterans in 2014

    Happy Veteran's Day! It is an honor and a privilege to work with all of you service members who travel here to Austin from all over the State of Texas, in pursuit of a worthy cause – your future. The transition from the military to a civilian career is both challenging and exciting. Any career shift can be rough, but this isn’t just changing jobs, it’s changing worlds. (For example, you don't need to bark "yes, sir!" when your civilian boss gives an order.) An MBA gives you two years to take your leadership skills to the conference room and learn business management essentials on everything from corporate tax law to team brainstorming and get in front of big-name employers. Good news – This is the year that business schools seemed to really recognize the military as a great recruiting spot for leadership potential.

    Above: Medallion presented by Johnnie Y., our favorite Army veteran from San Antonio

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  • Strategies to Make Your GMAT Practice More Effective

    Sometimes GMAT practice goes wrong – and by that I mean, you used the wrong practice materials in the wrong way. Yet getting the most value out of your practice doesn’t mean just having the right GMAT books and putting in the hours, although that’s a good start.

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  • When GMAT Practice Goes Wrong

    So, you have your heart set on getting into a top MBA program. You read somewhere that you should spend at least 100 hours to preparing for the GMAT – and you did. You bought test prep books, downloaded free GMAT practice questions from everywhere, signed up for every online GMAT club, downloaded flashcards, and fished for tips on GMAT forums. You know your weaknesses, so you really concentrated on getting better in those areas.

    Because you had been so dedicated to your studies, you felt pretty good when you sauntered into the testing center. Four hours later, you dragged yourself out with a disappointing GMAT score. Determined to crush the exam, you practiced more, and on GMAT Attempt #2, you were rewarded with … the same score.

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  • What Is the Best Book for GMAT Preparation?

    People just starting their GMAT preparation often ask me what book I most recommend. With all the books on the market, and all the marketing hype, I understand why people are confused. I suspect that they hope there’s a secret pamphlet used by the GMAT Professional Instructors Guild (GPIG), and I’ll break the GPIG Code of Silence. Well, there’s no need for secrecy: The Official Guide for GMAT Review is the best book for your GMAT preparation. I’ll even go a step further – if you value your time, don’t waste it on other books.

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  • Here Come The B-Schools: 2013 MBA Admissions Events in Texas

    When you’re choosing the MBA programs to which you will apply, it’s important to talk to school representatives – but it would be a tall order to travel to every business school that you are considering. Luckily for you, the MBA admissions folks are serious road warriors, and Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are on their list of stops.

    Several business schools have pushed Round 1 deadlines to earlier dates, so MBA admissions events in Texas are scheduled earlier in the year now. Look for MBA recruiters to ride into town starting in July.

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  • The Effective MBA Essay – Show The Right Stuff

    What do top-tier business schools look for in MBA candidates? Certainly they look for leadership potential, management talent, ambition, and purpose. Many of the best schools also look for more intangible qualities: Resilience and the ability to learn from mistakes. The ability to recognize your limitations as well as your strengths. A world view. You may possess all of those qualities, however, and not be admitted. Was it bad luck? Or was it lack of preparation?

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  • The Successful MBA Essay – Prepare Now, Write Later

    Do one thing, and do it well. Early in your MBA application process, focus on preparing to take the GMAT. Cut down on social life, put hobbies on pause, and don’t distract yourself by attempting to write MBA essays at the same time. I recommend this not because your GMAT score is of sole importance, but because you need to do your best on both the exam and the essays, and both require your single-minded time and attention. I’ve observed MBA candidates become so fixated on achieving that 700 score that the MBA essays become an after-thought, dashed off just before deadline. This is a huge mistake that can cost you acceptance to a top-tier MBA program … even if you achieved a 700+ GMAT score.

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  • What Is A Military Friendly MBA Program? Spotlight on Texas A&M MBA

    In a 2010 survey of veterans, about half said that the term “military friendly school” was not meaningful. The rest gave varying definitions for what the term meant.* Fast forward to today: So, what is a military friendly business school? Is the definition clear yet?

    I frequently work with members of the military who are ready to move ahead in their careers with advanced business degrees. Serious, dedicated, and equipped with leadership experience, they are the ideal MBA students. They face khaki-washed MBA programs that bill themselves as “military friendly” to recruit veterans, yet may not invest in their veteran students’ success. With that in mind, I decided to write about the MBA program at the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University (TAMU), which in my opinion exemplifies what a first-rate military-friendly MBA program should offer its students.

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